October 12, 2009

The Film Makers Guide

Hi sorry for the lack of posts but I have been busy with tons of projects. However since now I write for VFXschool along with my buddy here Jason. We thought it would be cool to put out a short guide on getting started with film making. It's a real quick over view of basic things you should know heading out to a shoot. I cover lighting, audio, and cameras as well as a cool post strategy to keep things organized and I finish it off with a quick guide on color correcting and grading.
Hope you enjoy it and find it useful.



I wanted to make something clear about lighting. In the guide I stated that most of the lighting is done in post. After reading it again today i thought some people might get confused. I had implied is that the final polishing is done in post.So you always want to light on set how the image should come out. However, you want to have minimal contrast. To do that shoot with a flat gamma and always lighten up your shadows with a bounce card. If you are doing a three point lighting, your fill light should lighten your shadows. When u have a custom set up or you shoot out doors, add a bounce card on the shadow side so that you shadows aren't completely dark. That way you always have that extra bit of data to work with. Use this tip especially when you shoot DV.