April 21, 2009

TRACK THIS! free track markers

So i'm starting to see a lot of people getting into green screening and 3d tracking and all of that good stuff. I'm glad to see people doing more and more advanced stuff, so to help you guys out i got in touch with a friend and created these tracking markers. What makes these so special is that we literally dedicated a long time in to figuring out what makes a good tracking marker. Through trial and error we found out that these markers should help you track much better (especially if your using point trackers) They are desigend to be easy to track even with perspective. So far they work better then most alternatives. And now you don't have to buy expensive tracking markers, when these free markers will do the trick.

Download tracker template here:

Free Motion editors toolkit

Hey everyone, im back again here on VFXschool and this time i have a great little gift for all of you begining motion graphics artists. I call it Motion Pro toolkit.. and its a pretty small pack about 330mb download, but you get tons of high quality textures, Animated backgrounds, Lowerthirds, brushes, some Letter fonts (both customizable PSD and PNG), plus every Lower third comes with its alpha video so it's easy to use, just drop both videos on a time line (ontop of your footage) and set the track matte to alpha, voila! instant lower thirds... Now this is not going to cover all of your needs, If you are a proffesional i suggest looking into GoMedia or Digital Juice's packs, but those cost a pretty penny. This however is geared more for a beginer motion editor that will sometimes need a quick background or Lowerthirds or a quick texture to get the job done. Anyways, enjoy and leave some feed back if you liked it. If you do, perhaps ill fire up the old Hard drive and put together another little pack. Which by the way is not so little. You acctually get a very decent number of things at a reasonable 330mb zip file.