March 31, 2010

AVCHD and 7D footage giving you trouble?

Got a lot of footage to batch convert?

Best solution is Neoscene from cineform. It even scene detects HDV for christ sakes!
however if you don't have Neoscene the cheap alternative is using DNxHD from avid here is a nice tutorial on how to batch convert your stuff.


These quick little solutions help you edit faster. I highly recommend neoscene because its such a complete product. It should be in every filmmakers tool box.

March 21, 2010

Quick guide to compositing

For those of you interested in learning compositing here are a couple of very interesting things I found after combing the interwebs. Enjoy! and hopefully you learn something:

1. Seraph30 Has an interesting guide on perspective and the basics of compositing.

2. Topher welsh posted a nice video on Gomediazine on the basic compositing of things in 2.5D with in after effects.

3. This photoshop tutorial from digital Arts really teaches you the basics of compositing, the basic gist of things is to take elements and create a new final finished piece of art.

March 20, 2010

Wealth of Info for newbs

Getting started in VFX and film making? Want to learn a bit what products are used in post production and learn about some cool sites that give you plenty of info?

Here you go:

The kind folks at CGsociety have cataloged a wealth of information.. evrything from a list of the software used in post to books and web sites that train you.. they even gave you links to amazon and the respectable web sites.. It doesn't get much easier than that. Now stop procrastinating and start learning the trade. your trade.

March 18, 2010

Fine tune your Photoshop skills

Photoshop is essential to any work environment. Its not just post production and graphic design. Hospitals use it, law firms use it, even police and crime investigators use it as a means of forensics analysis. Being good at Photoshop has now become one extra skill that looks good on your resume just like Excel or word.

Check out this Six revisions post that has rounded up some internet tutorial that will help you fine tune and hone your Photoshop skills.