May 08, 2009

Music video preset.

Need to make a handheld shakey "tryn" to focus effect? but don't want the sharp jitters of a real handheld? Shoot your actor or artist with your cam on a tripod. Bring it into after effects and use Shaker to give some life to your footage. I made it with the intention of using it o music videos, which is what i will be working on, however after playing around with it i discoverde that its useful for a dreamy confused feel if you duplicate the footage and ofset it 5-10 pixels off, so IDK it's useful for many other things experiment with it, im sure you guys will finde it useful for other things. And its all free, just give me or this blog a small bit of credit, we appreciate it.

About me: Im a local LA music producer, mixer and sound engineer, graphic designer both in art and commercial applications, Filmmaker, visual effects artist, digital composer, motionographer, photographer and cinematographer, director, screenwriter. I have a background in Art and digital media as well as science, phiosophy and math. Im an avid boxer and i Love art music and movies.

Aight so thats me expect more post to come.


New Streak and film burn pack!

Wuts up. This is a small pack i put together of streaks, flares and film burns i made for certaint projects.. They have come in very helpful hope you enjoy them...  If you are having trouble, or don't know how to usethem. There is a PDF along with the pack. Basically you set them to a transfer mode: either "add", "screen" or "color dodge." Now if you want more control. You can use Knoll Unmult to remove the black matte. I also created the MotionPRO pack but unlike that i didn't make an alpha channel since i never realy intended to use them withone. Ok have fun with them. And let me know what you think right in the comment section. Peace!


Get Ready!

Been busy working on lots of cool projects.. But don't think i forgot about the blog.. I will soon be posting a LOT of useful tips and get ready for a back to back to back post of nothing but pure awesome downloads should all be up today... My friend Tony who is a compositor and visual effects artist is a student in the LA area. We met in a GD class a while back and he has been helping ever since. So i thought it would only be appropriate to share with you some awesome stuff he has helped me make. I would like to thank him for all of the product designs and logos he has made. and his presets he has over at Lately he has been producing music, but has kindly granted me the right to distribute his presets and design elemenets and templates accross my various sites. I will be in NY for some time. So i wont have to much to post about. But Tony said he would be more than happy to share his knowledge with us all so expect post by him in the very near future. Also If you havent already check out Tophers site right there on the right ( He has futured our free products and is Good friends with Tony, and has even featured his Presets on his site. So make sure you check it out.