January 01, 2009

Session 3: Advanced color grading

Hey everybody!
Here is a brand new session. A lot of people seem to have trouble getting a good cinematic feel out of their footage. Thats because color grading is so important yet not to many people understand it. Here i teach you how to stabilize and level off your footage and then polish it of using some more advanced color grading techniques. This is a good read! very easy to get.

Download PDF:


If you need to do some pretty advanced color correction, but are a bit sad that AE doesn't have a cool 3 way color corrector like Avid or other programs? And you you also need a free way of doing things?  Well to day is you lucky day! Stu Maschwitz over at ProLost has built a very good 
3 way color corrector preset (OH and it's FREE) that uses expressions to harness the built in power of AE built in color correctors.

vfx Session 2: Cinematography

Become the master of your film, learn the basics of cinematography and some advanced stuff as well. If you are a Indy film maker or you will be working on set just helping out, you should know how cinematography works and how to properly shoot a film.

This is a very good tutorial and its in a easy to read short format that gives you the essentials with no fluff in the middle.

Highly recommended!

Read vfx session 2: Cinematography

Cinematography PDF

Happy New year!

Happy 2009, hope it brings all of you good luck, health, and of course a good paying job at ILM.
I want to take this opportunity to thank and wish the following people a very good 2009 year:

Shout out to Andrew Kramer and the Videocopilot community, you guys have really become a staple in the VFX community, when ever any topic comes up whether at FXPHD forums or VFXtalk forums or even indymogul... someone always says, check videocopilot.net i herd someone figured it out... and as a proud VCP member i wish the site and AK all the best this up coming year.

I also want to wish every body at Creativecow a happy new years and of course at all of the amazingly talented people at abduzeedo.com, that site should saved onto historical records as the single greatest site for design. The community there is so lively and talented. 

And lastly A big shout out to the PSDtuts community and now AEtuts, and for good measure just throw in the whole damn network, please do check them out because they have done an incredible job during the last year in teaching designers new tricks and tips.

Good luck and peace out!