January 01, 2009

Session 3: Advanced color grading

Hey everybody!
Here is a brand new session. A lot of people seem to have trouble getting a good cinematic feel out of their footage. Thats because color grading is so important yet not to many people understand it. Here i teach you how to stabilize and level off your footage and then polish it of using some more advanced color grading techniques. This is a good read! very easy to get.

Download PDF:


If you need to do some pretty advanced color correction, but are a bit sad that AE doesn't have a cool 3 way color corrector like Avid or other programs? And you you also need a free way of doing things?  Well to day is you lucky day! Stu Maschwitz over at ProLost has built a very good 
3 way color corrector preset (OH and it's FREE) that uses expressions to harness the built in power of AE built in color correctors.

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