July 10, 2009

Destroy AE CS4

DESTROY AE distortion generator for After Effects CS4

Ladies and gentlemen what i present to you know is the all new-fully re-vamped preset for creating digital and analog artifacts and distortion. I had a small job a few weeks ago that called for me working on a short 10 sec. shot of a handheld camera falling down, obviously the they wanted the camera to distort freeze up an snap to black. So I did some searching and found Digieffects distort plug-in. Once i saw what it did, i realized that instead of spending money i could just create the effects my self. Glad to say that after some tinkering i came up with some presets that allowed be to create the effects. However to get a very custom preset i used keyframes. Obviously those can't be saved as presets. So instead using my little knowledge of expressions I added some controls and. Also since my footage was rendering very slowly i managed for this release to do away with tons of effects and tons of layers thanks to some friends, google and my good friend CC composite. Now you can enjoy dropping in the preset on any footage and voila. In fact i would go as far as to say that its a perfect substitute for Digieffect's plug-in. The one thing lacking is a time effect. Which I worked around by using TIMESHUFFLER by polygonstudio (maltannon.com). Enjoy.



  1. Is there a way to convert it also to CS3 format? I'd love to try it out...!

  2. Well i still have CS3, but i uninstalled it when i got CS4, I might get around to installing it in about a week if i do, i'll re build it there. But If anybody has CS4 and CS3 get at me and i'll e-mail you on how to make it on CS3. or if ur good with expressions and u know CS4 well u could try re-building it in CS3. For now thought it remains CS4 only, sorry about that. And i don't think it there is a way to convert it.. HMM i will probably get around to releasing more presets in CS3.

  3. I would love it if someone could build it in CS3.
    All of the great presets on this site, and I can't use any of them!
    I don't think I know enough to rebuild it myself...

  4. Really nice, I love the TV distortion, thanks a lot OB digital!

  5. Can you re-post this please? I had it a while ago and it was fantastic

    Or does anyone have a mirror link?


  6. can someone reupload this file?