December 28, 2008

Session 3: Fractal Noise

Fractal Noise:

Probably the most powerful built in tool After Effects has. Fractal Noise has so many controls that it's uses are almost unlimited. I have found that i can use fractal noise in almost every project i have made in one way or another.


1. On top of any piece of footage start by creating a new layer.

2. Go to effects>noise>Fractal Noise

3. Scale up the fractal noise to 150%

4. Using keyframes make the fractal noise evolve.

5. Set the layer mode to either: screen, overlay, add or any other mode.

And there you go, a easy way to add movement and depth to any picture or footage.
If you are still having trouble grasping the usefulness of this plugin try this project.

Adding Fog/cloud

1. On a new black solid layer, add fractal noise

2. Keyframe evolution

3. Set mode to overlay, to get a cool shadowy effect.


Fog is a bit dfferent first:

1. Create a new layer and add ramp effect (Black and white)

2. Set it so that you have black on top and white on the bottom.

3. add Fractal noise

4. Set the blending mode to multiply on the fractal noise

5.And on the layer it's self set it's mode to add

And there you go instant fog!

Keep playing with fractal noise and see what you come up with. If you want to see more of Fractal Noise in action download CINEMA PRO 2 for free at:

It's full of very useful presets and some use Fractal Noise in very creative ways.

Till next time.

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