January 09, 2010

AE: Greenscreen Tutorial

Second in depth tutorial, and this is on chroma keying. Since the last one covered compositing more I thought this time I should focus more on greenscreen work. These tutorials are a bit more advanced and require some knowledge of AE and greenscreen work already since the focus is more on the workflow and its more in depth, so the basics will be flown over by pretty quickly.

I will let you know that im running CS4 right now and i apologize to all of my CS3 and below users. However if you follow the PDF's you should be just fine and I do provide you with the project file and footage.

This one is also courtesy of Umesh, and I want thank him for the awesome work he has been doing for a while providing everybody with free HD footage for a while. If you want to play with footage go check out his site.

Download the project file:


  1. You download the project file and un-zip it. It has all the footage and elements you need and the tutorial is in PDF form.