January 10, 2010

News segment

As you all know I have been absent from the blog for a while. Reason being is that work has flooded my life as well as family and life in general. However as you might have noticed Tony is also helping me run this site and has been very generous with his time.
There are many things to come this year so expect changes. One of them being that I will hopefully post more around here. In the mean time, tony has put up some great tuts, so make sure you check'em out.

Now as far as Actual news goes many of you must know something about CS5, unless you have been living under a rock for the past couple of months. To re-cap here are some things:

Adobe CS5 will come in one flavor only, thats 64-bit. Good news for everyone, bad news for plug-in makers. Since plenty of code will have to be ported to 64-bit. The decision is clear though and its the right move. If you want that better performance and more stability then 64-bit is the way to go. Speaking of performance, adobe's new Mercury playback engine is said to give Premiere PRO real-time editing capabilities. However according to sources the Mercury engine is CUDA based and so to run it you need a Nvidia card. Sorry ATI people, but you will be left out this time. Which is a shame because ATI makes some very powerful cards. Over all adobe is moving in the right direction. News on AE cs5 is scarce, but i do hope they have listened to our suggestions.

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Have a good one